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At Simpsons Printing, we make it easy for you to be kind to the environment, while still delivering the highest quality printing possible. We are very aware of our potential impact on the environment, and aim to operate a “green” business. HazelnutWe think it’s important not only for our company to be environmentally conscious, but we also make eco-friendly options available to our customers as well.

As more of our industry strives to go green, we understand that “talk is cheap.” New technology is the key to making a tangible difference. Partnering that technology with the right processes and procedures ensures that our products will have a positive impact on our customers in more ways than one. In short, combining all these together produces quality products with less waste; the waste that is produced is less toxic and better suited for recycling. We want to be upfront in all aspects of our business and this area is no exception. Each of the following claims are linked to documented, outside sources which provide additional information. Also, feel free to come in and talk to us if you have a question or concern. See the difference in action at Simpsons Printing!

RecyclingIn-House Recycling Program
In the mid 90’s, we noticed a lot of paper trimmings needlessly going into the Rapid City Landfill. We took action. Recycling was not as popular then and there were not a lot of options available. Simpsons Printing contacted our local Pacific Steel and Recycling office; we came up with a mutually beneficial solution that helped us keep over 56 tons of waste paper out of the landfill in 2008. More information on how recycling paper helps landfills.


Recycled paper

Recycled Paper
We carry a large selection of recycled stocks with varying degrees of post-consumer waste and pre-consumer waste. Every one of our paper suppliers has options for recycled stock, as well as FSC certified products to choose from.

Check out our main paper supplier, Unisource for more information about being “green”.

Axis Control
The new press has advanced technology to monitor accuracy and maintain consistency. The color is monitored by Heidelberg’s “Axis Control” ( a spectrophotometer interfaced with a computer software package). Axis Control significantly reduces startup waste and assists with product consistency throughout the run. These technologies combine to greatly reduce the carbon footprint of the new Speedmaster 74. More information on Axis Control.

Alcohol-Free Printing
In the early 1980’s we decided to take on the task of eliminating isopropyl alcohol from our printing process. Since then all of the printing presses we operate have run alcohol free. This reduces volatile organic compounds (VOCs) created by conventional printing presses - taking environmentally friendly printing to a whole new level! Further reading on Alcohol-Free Printing.

CTP PlatemakingCTP Platemaking
Our in-house Computer to Plate (CTP) system uses its own internal plate making system. Our printing plates are imaged directly from a computer, eliminating the need to process film to image our plates. This reduces a significant source of toxic emissions associated with traditional offset printing, making the process safer and environmentally friendly. All used plates are recycled. Download an expert guide to CTP Platemaking (.pdf).

Soy InkSoy Based Printing Inks
All of our standard process and PMS mixing inks maintain a 20% average soy content. Soy ink is more environmentally-friendly to produce and is also a helpful component in paper recycling.

Responsible Planning
We use the minimum amount of paper for a given job and utilize custom-sized stock (as available) to reduce waste.

Simpsons Printing is an active participant in the local community

We are proud supporters of:

  • American Heart Association
  • BH Ad Fed
  • BH Symphony
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Black Hills Workshop
  • Cornerstone Mission
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Hill City Arts Council
  • Hills Alive
  • Lion's Club
  • Meeting the Need
  • RC Chamber Music
  • RC Club for Boys
  • United Way
  • Ups of Downs
  • Wavi
  • Young Life
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